Patients Forms

Forms to fill-out and bring.

Initial Registration Forms

What else to bring.

  • Referral slip from your general dentist, if you have one.
  • A list of all current medications.
  • A copy of your dental insurance card.
  • Picture identification.

Why is my dentist referring me to a specialist?

All dentists, your dentist included, received training in endodontic (root canal) and periodontal treatment during dental school along with learning all of the other dental procedures. Often they refer patients to a specialist because they believe it is in the patients best interest, due to the difficulty of the treatment, to have a specialist perform the treatment. The endodontist and periodontist also graduated from dental school, and then completed two or more years of advanced education in endodontics or periodontics. Endodontists perform routine root canals, as well as more difficult treatment such as re-treatment, apicoectomies and treating traumatic injuries. Periodontists treat diseases of the gum tissue.

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Root Canal Forms (Coming Soon)

Root Canal Treatment Consent Form
Root Canal Surgery Consent Form
​Internal Bleaching Consent Form

LANAP Laser Treatment Forms (Coming Soon)

Periodontal Surgery Consent Form
​General Instructions Following Your LANAP Procedure
Patient Instructions Following Laser Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment (LPT)
​Post LANAP Diet Instructions “Do’s & Don’t’s”

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